Cake Choices (self-centered moment)

Hi all,

WARNING: This will be a self-centered post! ..apologies..

Recently, I have settled some of the major items for the wedding therefore, I started searching and emailing bakeries and also home bakers. Received some replies however, the type of cake designs I had received did not match my budget…Boohoohoo…

Do note: the cake designs that they provided were like those you can find in normal bakeries such as Bengawan Solo, Polar, Prima Deli or traditional local bakers.

Although the dismal is indisputable, it is just wedding cake. Seriously, it’s not as bad… And so, anyone can recommend any bakers who are able to recreate the cake/cupcake designs (below) with budget below $300? Do leave a comment, I will be very grateful! 🙂

So that’s all folks!!!


1.WeddingCake_13   3tier-simple-white-sugar-rose 142600-simple-wedding-cakes-3    DSC0141-2 il_340x270.518319252_jitp   Rose-Ornament-2-Tier-Wedding-Cakes-Best-Ideas Screen-Shot-2013-08-06-at-4.05.33-PM   wedding-cake-2 White-and-Black-Wedding-Cupcake-Tower

Vendors for the Cake-Cutting Process

Today, I shall post on the list of vendors that provide cake/cupcakes/macaron and many more… Once again, I will not be able to review on the vendors since I have not ordered any item from them therefore, this list is just for anyone who want to order dessert for any occasion! So if anyone has already ordered any product from any of the vendors listed, please drop me a comment! 🙂

And of course, if I do miss out any other vendors, you know what to do… Hit the button “comment” and list it down! 🙂

1) SweetnessSg
2) Pretty Bake
3) Minah Crocker
4) Sinfully Cupcakes
5) Sinful Cakes (macarons!)
6) Cake Over Heels
7) The Original Bakes
8) Simply Nuha
9) Dainty Candy
10) The Boy Who Bakes
11) Simply Sinless Creams
12) Goobycakes
13) Rosette Cakes
14) Cuppiezalley
15) My Favourite Things Bakery
16) Cuppy Muffy
17) Butter Studio
18) LilGifts Nurifah
19) Fluff Bakery
20) Mad Batter Singapore
21) Farah Affandi
22) Three Buttons Bakery
23) Farday Bakes
24) Wedding cakes
25) Sugary Secrets
26) Scone Markit (Scones!)
27) Meraki (Pavlova!)
28) Amal’s Treats (Blossoms!)
29) Fathiscakes
30) JS Cupcakery (Private account)
31) Seven Cravings
32) Sweet Tooth Addiction
33) Kreme Couture The Patisserie
34) Parfait Gateaux
35) Cake Lab
36) BakerellaInc
37) Cake Love Dessert Bar
38) Spatula Bakery
39) Lenours Cakes
40) Cakez Paradise
41) Cake Delights Bakery
42) Cake Avenue
43) Mad About Sucre
44) iCake Creative Pte Ltd
45) Temptations L’Artisan Cake Atelier
46) Sweet Velvet Treats
47) Cupcake Momma
48) Cupcakes Lovers Haven
49) Frizzkiss Addict
50) Mz Cupcake Singapore
51) Sweetz Treats

So there you go, 50 (+1) vendors in Singapore.


Prequel of Wedding Cake-Cutting Search

Hi all!

I have found more than 30 vendors that provides desserts for wedding cake-cutting celebration. Thank god for social media platforms, I found so many that is available in Singapore. I will be able to list it down however, it is not right for me to write any reviews or judge them since there are many vendors’ works that I personally have not tasted.

Therefore, should I list it down? Hmmm…


The Sweet Ramblings

Let’s talk about sweet dessert…. yum yum… I am inspired to write on this because I am a little bit HUNGRY and it’s tea time! Armed with a mug full of steaming coffee and cold water to wash it down, I shall type more! ooo I forgot, with biscuits to munch on (please do not eat biscuits, high in sugar and bad for you! – I am eating for the sake of this writing mood hehe…)

Even though, our wedding is a long way to go however, it’s still fun to talk about desserts right?

Anyway….. what would you like to have for your wedding cake-cutting celebration?

As the title duly stated, the list are pretty endless (up to your creativity)… You can have your cake-cutting celebration Malay or Western style or something in between. Some couples even do without cake-cutting process to cut cost, so honestly, it is up to you.

1) Pulut cake
2) Cupcakes
3) Traditional Wedding Cake
4) Macaron
5) Scones
6) Pavlova
7) Brownies
8) Push-cakes (actual cutting of cake process may not be seen)
9) Cake-in-a-jar (actual cutting of cake process may not be seen)
10) Foam (fake-cake?)
11) Ferrero Rocher cake
12) those in between (mix and match of the 7 items in the list?)

I shall list the names of companies that my friends and I have found tomorrow!